"I have worked with Sunita for the last 5 years while in my capacity as Director, HR Novartis Australia.  She has played an instrumental role in shaping our leadership culture, and driving us to operate as truly high-performing team. When we began our work together, organisational health and performance was dire, noting dismal employee engagement results, double the turnover compared to that of industry average and mixed business performance.  Forming part of a wholistic HR strategy, Sunita partnered with us to enhance our team leadership effectiveness via a disciplined multi-year program focussed on our leadership behaviours, with a particular effort around inspirational and accountable leadership.  Sunita‚Äôs magic is her ability to discover insights (that not even we could see) and deliver feedback in an open hearted and direct way, really putting her 'ahead of the pack' in the work she does.  She is honest, takes time to know our business and our personalities and is relentless in holding us to account - it is this formula that gives her the credibility and the impact that has materialised in real business terms.  She also has the unique skill to work with a diverse range of leaders, allowing an environment of safety when facilitating her workshops; I have rarely seen such a unique trait in this ability to connect with such different styles so seamlessly!


In addition, Sunita has been both a professional and personal coach and mentor to me over these last few years - she is trustworthy and cares deeply about her work and those of us whom she works with.


In my view Sunita is world-class and I recommend her to anyone interested in transformational organisational change or personal leadership development."


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